Carly Kirby, Longmont Acupuncturist

CarlyPhoto2  Longmont Acupuncture
Designation: Longmont Acupuncture and Allergy Elimination Specialist

Elite Acupuncture (Formerly Timbre Integrated Health) is the vision of Carly Kirby BSN, RN, LAc and Diplomate of Oriental Medicine & Herbology. Carly is NAET certified with both basic and advanced level certifications completed.

Her unique way of treating with NAET eliminates the traditional 25 hour avoidance period, making allergy elimination even easier.Carly has been taking care of patients in a western and eastern medicine setting for over 15 years, and value the advances and capabilities that the integration of Eastern and Western medicine has to offer. Though she was interested in alternative therapies and medical techniques to enhance patient treatment and quality of life, it was only after Carly had a personal/family illness that was only partially improved by western medicine she sought to find alternative medicine. What Carly realized is that the combination of multiple therapies in most cases created the best results for patients.