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Acupuncture Longmont Acupuncture

The stimulation of specific acupuncture points using very thin needles. Used for a range of conditions including pain, asthma and digestive disturbances.

Alergy Elimination Longmont Acupuncture Allergy Elimination

NAET stands for ‘Nambudripads Allergy Elimination Technique’ is uses as a treatment modality to eliminate allergies. Whether you have seasonal allergies, food allergies or just an allergy to a specific item, we can help!

Sho-ni-Shen Longmont Acupuncture Childrens Acupuncture

Needless acupuncture for children. Treatment for many diagnosises, from respiratory difficulties to digestive issues. Ask about your childs needs.

Healthy Lifestyle Longmont Acupuncture Healthy Lifestyle

Try the Advocare 24-day challenge to loose weight and start a new healthy lifestyle or try using their Spark energy drink as an alternative to your afternoon coffee or soda. We believe in the Advocare products for living a long healthy lifestyle.