Longmont Acupuncture & Allergy Elimination


Acupuncture longmont-acupuncture-circle  Longmont Acupuncture

The stimulation of specific acupuncture points using very thin needles. Used for a range of conditions including pain, asthma and digestive disturbances.

Alergy Elimination longmont-allergy-circle  Longmont Acupuncture

NAET stands for ‘Nambudripads Allergy Elimination Technique’ is uses as a treatment modality to eliminate allergies. Whether you have seasonal allergies, food allergies or just an allergy to a specific item, we can help!

Sho-ni-Shen longmont-acupuncture-children-circle  Longmont Acupuncture

Needless acupuncture for children. Treatment for many diagnosises, from respiratory difficulties to digestive issues. Ask about your childs needs.

Healthy Lifestyle healthy-lifestyle-longmont-acupuncture-1  Longmont Acupuncture

Try the Advocare 24-day challenge to loose weight and start a new healthy lifestyle or try using their Spark energy drink as an alternative to your afternoon coffee or soda. We believe in the Advocare products for living a long healthy lifestyle.

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Location & Contact Details

  • 1610 Dry Creek Drive
    Longmont, CO 80503

  • 720-669-8010